Motorcycle Finance

From the same team that brought you Bikefin, the team that pioneered the virual F&I, the Honda National Superbike victory, Scooter finance and many more is the same team behind's motorcycle finance division.

We have the neccesary skill, expertise and market knowledge to offer our clients the best deals with our motorcycle finance. We have a supporting dealership network of over 132 dealerships nationwide - this empowers us with sourcing as we can now source the motorcycle of your dreams.

We also have a good standing relationship with 5 of the biggest finance houses in South Africa, this means that we can get you the best possible interest rates and lower finance fees.

Because we understand the motorcycle fraternity we know that motorcycle finance should be tailor made for that fraternity. Motorcycle buyers have different needs to that of a car buyer and should therefore be given their own finance criteria suited for them and their needs.

  • We negotiate the best interest rates.
  • We can source a wide variaty of motorcycles.
  • We don't load deals to make a profit and thus can ensure lowest finance fees.
  • Our criteria is suited for a motorcycle buyer.
  • Improved and upgraded Bikefin systems and infrastructure.
  • We do all the paperword and keep you up to date during the whole motorcycle finance process.

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PLEASE NOTE: We can unfortunately not finance blacklisted or debt review clients.



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When you walk into a dealership, the dealer will want to sell you the stock on his floor. The dealer is already invested in the stock and has no interest in offering you a wider variety. We have access to the stock of more than 150 dealers and 8 000 private sellers. We’ll ensure you get the car you really want.
A TransUnion HPI check. This electronic test determines the following about the car you are about to buy:
  • Has it ever been in an accident?
  • Has it ever been reported stolen?
  • Is it still financed elsewhere?
  • Who were the previous registrants?
  • Is the odometer reading correct?
Let us do the work – we have a sophisticated call centre that speaks to hundreds of dealers and thousands of consumers. You don’t have to visit countless dealers or spend hours on the internet to find your dream car.
Because of our volumes, we have negotiating powers with Banks and dealer groups alike. We can therefore guarantee you the following:
  • The best price on your new purchase
  • The best interest rate possible
  • Trade in assistance