Tools have achieved it's values such as great client service, best interes rates, lowest finance fees, and best car sourcing facility in South Africa! However there was one value that needed to be met, and that was, a trustworthy car buying environment.

After a lengthly period of intensive research we achieved this value when we rolled out with our Tools Facility. Here we have tied up with leading service providers in the car fraternity to create a comprehensive set of tools for you to use or get included when you finance your car through

These tools include but not limited to the following:

  • DEKRA / AA Vehicle Inspections.
  • TransUnion HPI checks.

Other services included in our comprehensive Tools Facility are but not limited to:

  • Trade In Values.
  • Finance Calculators.


Trade In Value

Check your car's value.


Calculate monthly installments and more!

Vehicle Checks

Detailed Vehicle checks fro total peace of mind.

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When you walk into a dealership, the dealer will want to sell you the stock on his floor. The dealer is already invested in the stock and has no interest in offering you a wider variety. We have access to the stock of more than 150 dealers and 8 000 private sellers. We’ll ensure you get the car you really want.
A TransUnion HPI check. This electronic test determines the following about the car you are about to buy:
  • Has it ever been in an accident?
  • Has it ever been reported stolen?
  • Is it still financed elsewhere?
  • Who were the previous registrants?
  • Is the odometer reading correct?
Let us do the work – we have a sophisticated call centre that speaks to hundreds of dealers and thousands of consumers. You don’t have to visit countless dealers or spend hours on the internet to find your dream car.
Because of our volumes, we have negotiating powers with Banks and dealer groups alike. We can therefore guarantee you the following:
  • The best price on your new purchase
  • The best interest rate possible
  • Trade in assistance