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Car Finance

A traditional car finance deal would have you walk into a dealership, be limited to browse only the cars on their showroom floor whilst the car salesman tells you how great his cars are. You apply for finance through them but they decide where the application is processed, based on the amount of commission they will receive from a bank - which might leave you with a higher interest rate, unreasonable finance fees and a car that has not been tested for defects independently.

Dealing with means so much more than just arranging your car finance. Our services include:

  • Selling your car for the best price possible. If you trade your vehicle, the dealer will always offer you less than what your car is worth. We will get you offers from the broader market, including more dealers and private buyers.
  • We will find you a car at the best possible price. We deal with 100’s of dealers and we have electronic access to all their stock. In addition to this, we have 1000’s of our own clients who want to sell their cars privately. Our sophisticated system will match your requirements to vehicles available in our trading environment.
  • We will place your finance with one of the major banks at the best possible interest rate. Our monthly volumes are higher than the average dealer’s, affording us special negotiating power with the banks.
  • Experience convenience. Let us do all the work for you – why do you want to drive from dealer to dealer if you can sit back and talk to our friendly staff.
  • Have peace of mind. All our vehicles are subjected to a 101 point test performed by the AA or Dekra. Be sure you know what you are buying. And if your car fails the test? Then we simply find you another car! Secondly, all vehicles are subjected to a Transunion ITC check, highlighting the following:
    • History of previous accidents
    • Stolen / police alerts
    • Finance history
    • Previous registrations
    • Possible odometer reading

With all these benefits and our “Best Deal” guarantee, opting for is the wisest car buying decision you will ever make.


PLEASE NOTE: We can unfortunately not finance blacklisted or debt review clients.

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When you walk into a dealership, the dealer will want to sell you the stock on his floor. The dealer is already invested in the stock and has no interest in offering you a wider variety. We have access to the stock of more than 150 dealers and 8 000 private sellers. We’ll ensure you get the car you really want.
A TransUnion HPI check. This electronic test determines the following about the car you are about to buy:
  • Has it ever been in an accident?
  • Has it ever been reported stolen?
  • Is it still financed elsewhere?
  • Who were the previous registrants?
  • Is the odometer reading correct?
Let us do the work – we have a sophisticated call centre that speaks to hundreds of dealers and thousands of consumers. You don’t have to visit countless dealers or spend hours on the internet to find your dream car.
Because of our volumes, we have negotiating powers with Banks and dealer groups alike. We can therefore guarantee you the following:
  • The best price on your new purchase
  • The best interest rate possible
  • Trade in assistance