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Why You Should Choose Us?

There are 4 compelling reasons why you should buy your next car trough us. This is a must read for anyone thinking of buying a car, as it will save you time & money!

When you walk into a dealership, the dealer will want to sell you the stock on his floor. The dealer is already invested in the stock and has no interest in offering you a wider variety. We have access to the stock of more than 150 dealers and 8 000 private sellers. We’ll ensure you get the car you really want.
A TransUnion HPI check. This electronic test determines the following about the car you are about to buy:
  • Has it ever been in an accident?
  • Has it ever been reported stolen?
  • Is it still financed elsewhere?
  • Who were the previous registrants?
  • Is the odometer reading correct?
Let us do the work – we have a sophisticated call centre that speaks to hundreds of dealers and thousands of consumers. You don’t have to visit countless dealers or spend hours on the internet to find your dream car.
Because of our volumes, we have negotiating powers with Banks and dealer groups alike. We can therefore guarantee you the following:
  • The best price on your new purchase
  • The best interest rate possible
  • Trade in assistance

“5 years from now all cars will be bought & sold this way” ushers in a new era in the way people buy and sell cars. More than a finance house, we have become a fully fletched virtual dealer.

The term “virtual dealer” means one thing to the consumer – a better deal. A traditional bricks and mortar dealership operates from an expensive building. Drive past any of the thousands of shiny chrome and glass dealerships and try and think what the cost of that development was. Those developments cost anything from R20m to R200m per dealership. And of course, someone has to pay for that – that someone is you, the consumer

At we didn’t have those initial investments and expenses. Although we operate from a very modern and sophisticated call centre, our cost per transaction is more than 10 times lower than a traditional dealership – a saving that we pass on to our clients.

Apart from a better deal, we offer utter convenience. Let us do all the hard work for you:
  • Let us sell your car for you – no more trade in rip-offs at dealerships.
  • Pre-arrange your finance with the major banks through us - you have now become a “cash buyer” with bargaining power.
  • Let us find you a car from 100’s of dealers & 1000’s of private sellers. We are not invested in any stock and are therefore not inclined to force any deal upon you. We keep looking until you are really happy with the car. On top of that we have every car tested by the AA or Dekra. This 101 point check ensures you are not buying a cat in the bag!

For more compelling reasons as to why you should choose us when buying your next car, see the “Car Finance” tab.

About us is brought to you by the same team that brought you Bikefin. Bikefin started as a small finance call centre and grew into the market leader over the years, specialising in motorcycle finance. From 2010 onwards, Bikefin enjoyed a 70%+ market share, financing more motorcycles than the big banks. In 2010 we financed almost double the number of bikes than WesBank did. This moved WesBank to enter into an alliance with us and for three years Bikefin was a division of WesBank.

All of the above was made possible through our acute understanding of the virtual world. We were the first call centre to complete a vehicle finance transaction digitally, from application through to delivery. Over the years we have also learnt the benefits of buying your vehicle in the virtual realm. These include convenience, a better deal, a better interest rate, peace of mind and a much broader selection of vehicles to choose from. These benefits are properly explained under the “Car Finance” tab.

A wealth of knowledge and more than 100 years of combined experience was transferred to While you are here, meet the team.